The Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT) is one of the latest of the bioenergetic procedures I have studied. It is based on the theory that many of our chronic, degenerative ailments are the result of pathogens that are able to hide from our immune systems. While our immune systems can never completely destroy these pathogens, it continues to attack, resulting in pain and the destruction of tissue through the chronic inflammatory process. What JMT proposes to do is a three-step process:

          1. It helps the immune system deactivate the pathogen.
          2. It desensitizes the immune system to healthy tissue.
          3. It helps to stimulate repair.

After years of clinical research, using kinesiologic methods, Doctors Jaffe and Mellor identified several groups of pathogens that seemed to be common to people with certain diseases, such as arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia and Crohn's. While we do not deal with these pathogens themselves, we deal with what is referred to as their energetic signatures. This is the frequency, or vibration, that is unique to that pathogen. These energetic signatures can be imprinted into vials of water, much the same way as the voice of your favorite singer can be imprinted onto a compact disc.

By using these vials and manual muscle testing techniques, the pathogen frequencies causing problems can be identified. At that point, it is a simple procedure to treat the body's negative response to that frequency through gentle chiropractic and acupressure techniques. Often this results in a decrease in pain and dysfunction.


JMT Website:


Plague Time by Paul W. Ewald -- This is an excellent presentation of the theory that stealth pathogens can cause many types of degenerative diseases.

Overcoming Arthritis by David Bronstein, M.D. -- This is a nutritional/medical approach to treating arthritis based on pathogenic causation.

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