• September 29, 2018



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BioSet is a comprehensive allergy correction technique that incorporates the principles of detoxification and enzyme therapy in addition to allergen desensitization. It was created by Dr. Ellen Cutler, who has written several books on the subject of allergies. Her latest book, The Food Allergy Cure, goes into detail about how she integrates these three procedures.

Because of its comprehensive nature, BioSet is good for people whose problems are too complicated for allergen desensitization alone. Dr. Cutler feels that many allergy-like symptoms have toxicity and poor digestion as their underlying causes. If you can fix these dietary, digestive and toxicity problems, these symptoms will resolve.

The comprehensive nature of BioSet requires more testing procedures, the use of homeopathics and nutritional supplements, and diet modification. This obviously involves more effort and expense from the patient, but the results can be well worth it.


BioSet Website:   www.bioset-institute.com

Book: The Food Allergy Cure by Ellen Cutler, D.C.

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