• September 29, 2018

Enzyme Replacement Therapy

Enzyme Replacement Therapy

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Many people today realize that the standard American diet does not contain adequate levels of vitamins and minerals. Few people, however, realize that it does not contain adequate levels of enzymes either. Enzymes are absolutely essential for life, and their roles in the areas of health and disease need to be better understood. The information below represents many years of research and study of Dr. Edward Howell and Dr. Howard Loomis.

Why are enzymes important to health?

Enzymes are involved in every biochemical reaction that takes place in the body. They digest our food, repair our tissues, clean our arteries, facilitate our immunity and perform thousands of other tasks. Since the body can produce only a limited number of enzymes in a given period of time, shortages can occur. When this happens, necessary work does not get done and health begins to suffer.

Why do these shortages occur?

The largest single demand made on the enzyme production capabilities of the body comes from the digestion of food. Eating raw food helps to reduce that demand because raw food contains enzymes that help to digest it. By cooking food, its enzymes are destroyed, and the body must produce 100% of the enzymes required for digestion of that food. Since digestion is one of the highest priorities of the body, other functions may be short-changed on their share of enzyme production. Heavy exercise and disease also use up increased amounts of enzymes. However, these are rarely a problem for the average person.

How can enzyme shortages be corrected?

One way would be to eat nothing but raw food. However, this would be impractical for most people. A 50-70% raw food diet is about the best that could be expected in modern society, and this may be difficult for many people.

The other alternative is to take enzyme supplements with your meals as you would vitamins and minerals. By replacing the enzymes lost in cooking, you simulate a raw food diet and reduce stress on the digestive system. This allows the body to allocate more enzymes for nondigestive functions.


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